This is what greets me on the freeway: traffic going 3 mph.

And this is what was waiting for me on my chair; a stack of freaking work. I thought I was starting off with a clean slate, but I guess not.

My boss is on vacation and won't be back until Monday, so I have a minute to get back in the groove of things. Today, I basically went to different departments and got caught up on the latest going ons of the company. I didn't get much work done, but towards the end of the day I finally got my groove back and completed a few leases. Now I just have to get used to waking up before noon. So nighty night blog, it's almost midnight and I have to rise in 7 hours...

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OK, I'm being lazy; I'll admit it. Anywho, here is an oldie but goodie. I'm going back to Vegas soon, in June actually, but this posts just reminds me why I got tired of going approximately every 3 months. All those times my boyfriend didn't want to come and told me to just take my homegirl with me... If he only knew. That silly goose. He acts as if it's known as Heavenly City...

At the OPM nightclub that night. Aww, when I had braces

So we were musing about her Vegas trip and it got me thinking of an incident that happened to me in Vegas. The "incident" was this guy I met at the OPM in Caesars Palace. He had a 6 inch flat-top that didn't stand straight up, it was actually at a 90 degree angle, as if it was trying to run from his face. He carried an old-school "banana" cell phone with a moto razor glued to it. He also had on a very "colorful" suit. Some of you Vegas strip clubbers may have seen him before. He seems like he frequents the clubs on the strip.
Upon our entrance to the dance floor, he started dancing with me. Now when I say dancing, I mean he was crouched down on the floor with his legs wide open. His butt was probably about 1.5 feet off the ground and he somewhat hopped with the beat while thrusting his pelvis against me. His pelvis was literally hitting my knee.
So my dancing, turned into a boring lil side-to-side step, so that he would see that I was uninterested and move-on. But nope, he just kept on hoping his lil heart away. But this is the kicker... He was also talking through all of this: "Damn you look good" "Do you wanna be in my video""You ever been in a video""Whooo yeah, that's it, get it girl, you doing it now" *rolling eyes* By this time, I dropped the side-to- side and was just swaying. He actually put his hands on my hips to try to move me. We were at the end of the dance floor and people were walking behind him, laughing. It was an interesting picture. And if I wasn't so embarrassed I would have gotten a picture of him. So when I stopped moving all together and tilted my head up and started scratching my scalp, he finally got the picture. But he didn't leave without giving me a card which contained his myspace address. Yes, he has a "myspace" card.
Unfortunately, I never returned to the dance floor. I didn't want to take my chances of running into the "hopping" man, as he blocked the entrance to the dance floor. But then, there was another dude, but that's a whole other story of irritation, for another day.So here's his address. Check out his page, he's "interesting." And he loves that banana/razor phone, more than I love my blackberry.

All pics were snatched from his myspace page.
No lie, check him out his myspace profile here.



I know a lot of blogs posted Mother's Day gift ideas this week. And since Lolo's Cube is a fashion and shopping blog, it seems like I should have been chugging along with the others, but I got blogger's block. Sorry. But in my laziness and procrastination I came up with the perfect gift idea.

These last few weeks, I've been home full time due to a minor foot surgery. During this time I've done things such as dishes, laundry and floors. I want to confirm that I hate doing dishes, laundry and floors.

Usually, I drop my laundry off at the fluff and fold before heading to the mall and in the time it takes me to spend the balance of my latest pay raise, my laundry is fluffed and folded. But all week, Sweetums has been telling me that all his boxers are dirty, but he just can't make it to the laundry. So of course, I went and bought him a pack. This is what I usually do when I run out of drawers and my visits to the fluff and folds are lacking. But he kept running out, and boxers costs money. So, like a nice stay-at-home girlfriend, I washed his clothes at my mom's house.

The dishes I do about once a week. There is only two of us, and we *clears throats* I mean he only cooks a few times a week, so there isn't much need in this area. But since I'm home, the dishes pile up a lot faster and they're all my dishes. I can't expect him to clean up after me everyday, even though I'm semi-handicap (or temporarily disabled, as my red parking placard reads), so I've been doing dishes more times than usual.

The floors, I always mean to do every 2 weeks. But when it was time for me to do the kitchen floor, it was my surgery week and that week was pretty crazy. Then I was told to not walk for 3 days afterwards and was sleeping days after that, due to medication side effects. Needless to say, the kitchen floor was long overdo. So, I dragged that big azz semi handicap boot across the apartment and mopped the kitchen floor.

These are the things that I've always hated doing: chores and cleaning. And they're all the things that our mothers do without thinking. Cleaning the house, while feeding us and whipping our snotty noses without missing a beat. Some doing it alone, as my mother did, with 4 bad azz children coming behind her to reverse all her work. But with the title of Mother, comes these responsibilities. And though all my siblings are adults, I'm taking away these responsibilities from her, at least for a year.

Momma Lo is getting one year of maid service. I've already worked it out with the cleaning lady. It's the least I can do to say thanks for wiping my snooty nose and sorry for shaking the Fruity Pebbles cereal on the kitchen floor, right after you put your gleaming touch on it. Thanks Mom, Love you.

We've come a long way, and this year has been one of the best in a long while, so I wanted to give the gift of relaxation.

Other Mother's Day gifts I was pondering:
A cruise
A weekend at a luxury hotel, with room service and in-room massage
A day at the luxury spa

And I would like to say Happy Mother's Day to the blogging Mother's.

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Happy Mother's Day.

My apologies if I didn't mention you.