They were in my purse; the one I've been carrying for the past 2 months. Who would have thought?

I always joke with Sweetums about how the rattle from my handbag makes me sound like a pill popper. And in my deranged state I didn't even think of checking my suitcase of a handbag that holds my whole life. I only went into the purse because I needed to put my cell on the charger, and taadaaa, there they were.

I took one pill. After the pain slowed I had my nightly popsicle. I awoke in the bed pants-less around noon. I don’t remember how i got there or removing my pants. Last thing I recall was laying across his thigh on the couch while he watched 30 Days of Night for the 50th time.

I was happy to see my closet in order. I mean the shoes were put back on the shelves, as well as the handbags and my foot spa and steamer. Though the shoes weren't in order of heel height or color order and some leather bags were on the same shelves as canvas shelves, I can’t complain. He tried. At least I don't have to bend down and pick it all up.

So I got up and fixed us some eggs sausage, grits and toast. And I’m still waiting on my tip on that one, LOL. I was still sleepy, so I took a catnap that lasted until 5 when he came home from working.

So I had him to take me to run some errands. I don't know why, but I like having him drive me around, though in my car. And it ain't cause I’m lazy, LOL. So on my list of errands was putting a new prescription for my upcoming surgery. Some dayum Vidodin again. Probably will never open the bottle, but like the other night, never know when you'll need one. Plus Cigpin at work keeps asking to buy my meds. I always turn her down, but I do recognize that the pills are worth a lil bit of money. I look at them as another savings account.



April 22, 2008 at 12:50 PM

Keep this up and we are going to have an e-intervention!!

  Miss Mika

April 22, 2008 at 8:11 PM

I am glad that you were able to find your meds. A toothache can be debilitating!

That is incredibly sweet of your sweetums to put away your stuff for you. You sound like you organize like I do!